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Developing your company means making the good decisions at the best time. The legal evolutions, and especially the tax-related regulations, may thus have consequences on your activity.

Your company will be able to adapt to these changes through a change of its legal form, its tax regime or an update of its articles.

We are at your disposal to anticipate with you the development of your company and to help you to prepare it to the future. Foresight is a key factor to assure your project’s success.

Anticipation is action

The survival of your company, in case of its leader’s incapacity, involves a safeguarding mandate to a trusted person.

Invest for the future

We assist our client when they realise important investment transactions related to all kinds of assets (offices, retail space…).

Adapt to your environment

When facing change, our team will stand ready to help to make your company’s structure evolve.

To go further, take a free appointment with a notary in our offices in Versailles.