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This is the end of a journey for the company’s leader, but it is always the beginning of a new adventure for the company as well. It is crucial to protect its future and the one of the workers, but also to think to your relationship partner and family.

Do not fail to anticipate the loss of income and correlatively, to structure your estate in order to be able to maintain your lifestyle.

Our team stands ready to assist you in the last years of your work life for you to enjoy your retirement in the best way possible.

A smooth transition

We advise the companies’ executives in order for the transfer of their enterprise to proceed in the best conditions and according to a chosen schedule.

Get support

The Notary is here to bring value to your assets and to compensate the loss of income, so you will be able to enjoy your new life at its best.

A team’s force

Qualified professionals are at your service to inform you about taxation and the consequences of your retirement.

To go further, take a free appointment with a notary in our offices in Versailles.