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The management of the environmental risk is today a core concern of official authorities. Furthermore, the cost of the formalities related to decontamination and disinfection may turn out to be very high.

Thus, with respect to an acquisition, the conduct of an on-site diagnosis is recommended. This diagnosis will permit to put the land in its environmental context and to lead to the identification of potential sources of pollution.

The environmental liability of a site, as well as the potential cost of a rehabilitation will be elements to be considered during the negotiation.

We intervene in this regard as advisors to companies to support them through the realisation of their environmental audit

Acquisition audit

Set up prior to the acquisition of a land, entire property, industrial building or factory.


Partial Audit

Realised after the detection of a pinpointed defect in order to measure its extend.


Global Audit

Necessary to the valorisation of real estate portfolio or its upgrade to the safety standards.

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