Our team is at the service of banks to secure the funding and refunding with respect to real estate transactions.

The notary intervenes at the stage of the creation of the deed of loan by securing the taking of securities. The filing of a mortgage shall indeed be established by notarial deed, meaning received by a notary.

But our mission may also concern the audit of the property subject to mortgage. We thus assure to the lender that the property may be encumbered of a mortgage under the required conditions.

We also intervene as an advisor to companies’ managers with respect to securities taken on their real estates, especially in case of refunding.



Setup of a personalised structure beforehand in order to choose the most adapted guarantee.


The release of the funds is operated directly by the Notary with respect to a mortgage.



Delivery of an enforceable copy to the creditor in order to enable him to implement its security if needed.

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