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We assist real estate developers with respect to the purchase of their land and the setup of its development.

From the acquisition of the land to the delivery of the lots, our team is at your disposal to support you through the realisation of your real estate development.

At every stage of your project, you will wish to get answers to your questions in order for the development to proceed under the best conditions. From the genesis of the file, the responsible team will take the necessary measures to guarantee the safety and the celerity of the project’s process.

Safety and efficiency are indeed the guaranties of a successful project, with as a common goal, the delivery of the housings in compliance with the buyers’ wishes.


Beforehand, get benefit from our advice about the legal and tax aspects of your projects.


Exchange of the information and documents in electronic form between all the participants.


Our team will provide information to the future buyers in order to answer all their questions.

To go further, take a free appointment with a notary in our offices in Versailles.

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