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Purchasing or selling property in France when you are a foreigner is a path that requires time and expertise: language barrier, analyse of the real estate market, understanding of the legal rules, negotiation of the sale or purchase conditions, understanding of the contracts to be signed and of their consequences…

The French laws and regulation are indeed complex, and the investor needs to be advised by a legal professional: the notary is one.

Our team will accompany you through all these steps, in French or in English, and will advise you in your best interests.

Our Office has domestic jurisdiction and can thus intervene throughout France.

A 6-step secured path


1 - Offer

You have found the property you were looking for in France. Think about contacting your notary before making an offer.


2 - Settlement

A preliminary agreement is signed either with the real estate agency or in the presence of a notary. In either case, we are available to you.

3 - Funding

From the signature of the preliminary contract, you contact your bank in order to set up your funding.

4 - Preparation of the file

After analysing the file, the notary proceeds to the requests of the file’s documents.

5 - Appointment

An appointment is made. You request your bank to transfer the sale price and the fee amount.


6 - Signature

The deed is signed, and the seller surrenders you the keys. We take care of all the formalities with the homeowners’ association and the tax services.

To go further, take a free appointment with a notary in our offices in Versailles.

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