Our commitments

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Your file is handled until the end within the shortest time. We answer to your emails within a maximum time of 48 hours.


Caring about the valorisation of your estate, we assure a personalised tracking of your file in your best interests.


Only the necessary and useful deeds will be proposed to you. Our deeds are adapted with respect to your situation./p>


Absolute confidentiality of your business, in strict compliance with the law and our ethic rules.

Strength of proximity

We privilege human relations in all our actions, in order to support you in a personalised manner.


Appointments for an easy and direct access to your Notary. Our business hours are adapted to your restraints.


On each file, a multidisciplinary team will intervene in order to provide you with the best advice for your whole project.


Digital services are the core aspect of our Office in order to optimise the time required to handle your file.


Clear and understandable explanations to be efficient at every stage of your file.

“Paperless” objective

All our authentic deeds are received in secured electronic form and stored in a centralised national server.