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Purchasing an apartment or a house before completion enables you to become an owner before the works are finished. The sale price will thus be paid to the property developer as the construction progresses.

In compensation, the developer will have to build the promised property according to the conditions and characteristics agreed upon in the reservation contract.

Because several months, or even years in the case of the most important projects, may pass before the completion of the property and before you take possession of it, it is crucial to secure this transaction by getting a notary to support you.

Our team will check the completion guarantees in order to assure you that your future good will be built, even in the event of a non-performance on the part of the developer.

A 5-step secured path


A reservation contract is signed with the developer. You get in touch with your bank to handle your loan.


An appointment is made. Do not forget to ask your bank to unlock the due sale price.

Preparation of file

After analysing the file, the notary brings about the requests for the file’s documents.


A deed is signed, you acquire ownership. The balance of the price is paid according to a pre-established schedule.


When the works are completed, the property is delivered. Minutes are drawn up to take note of the potential defects.

To go further, take a free appointment with a notary in our offices in Versailles.

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