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You have found the property you were looking for! It is time to make an offer to the owner and to get a notary to assist you.

For the next three months, you will have to negotiate a loan, organise your move, get in touch with an energy provider, enrol perhaps your children in another school…

It is a stressful time that is administratively cumbersome. Leave the notary in charge. We will be by your side the whole time to build up and analyse your file, write the deed of acquisition and secure the transaction in order to guarantee that your title of ownership will not be challenged.

We will also be responsible for checking all the documents in the file and for analysing them for you

A 6-step secured path


1 - Offer

You make an offer to the owner. In this last stage, think of getting in touch with your notary so he can check whether it is written properly.


2 - Preliminary contract

A preliminary contract is signed either with the real estate agency or in the presence of a notary. In either case, we are at your disposal.

3 - Funding

From the signature of the preliminary contract, contact you bank to secure funding.

4 - Preparation of the file

After analysing the file, the notary brings about the requests for documents and purges the rights of first refusal.

5 - Appointment

An appointment is made. You ask your bank to proceed to a transfer of the sale price and fee amount.

6 - Signature

The deed is signed, and the owner surrenders you the keys. All that remains for you is to set up smoothly. We wish you a good move!

To go further, take a free appointment with a notary in our offices in Versailles.

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