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Our team will assist you through the different stages from the signature of the preliminary contract to the sale of your house or apartment.

We also take care, on the day of the signing, of the prorate statement of property tax. If you are subject to the joint tenancy regime, we inform your « syndic » of the sale and we clear your situation with the homeowners’ association.

Do not hesitate to contact us beforehand in order to review the whole taxation to which you are subject (capital gains tax, VAT…) and to prepare the proper progress of the transaction in the best way possible.

A 6-step secured path

1 – Offer

You just received an offer. In this last stage, before accepting it, contact your notary.

2 – Settlement

The preliminary contract is signed either with the real estate agency or in the presence of a notary. In either case, we are at your disposal.

3 – Preparation of the file

After analysing the file, the notary brings about the requests for documents and purges the potential rights of first refusal.

4 – Appointment

The buyer contacts his bank to unlock the transfer of the sale price and fee amount.

5 – Signature

The deed of sale is signed, your deed is available in your personal customer account.

6 – Transfer

The Office proceeds the same day to the transfer on your account of the balance of the sale price due to you.

To go further, take a free appointment with a notary in our offices in Versailles.

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